PS3 Steering Wheel

Product Name: PS3 Steering Wheel
Product Model: PS3-V3

  • Four Channel LED indicator
  • Mode button for setting on PS3 console
  • Compliant with all PS3 consoles, including U.S. version, Japan version, and Europe version
  • With analog Direction Pad: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
  • With 8 analog buttons: △,○,□,X, L1,R1,L2,R2
  • With 4 digital buttons: Start, Select
  • 6 buttons with relocation function: L-Wing, R-Wing, Accelerator pedal, Braking pedal, Gear Stick(L2,R2)
  • Blue LED illuminate on centre acryl while motors vibrating
  • With 180 degree steering angle
  • Spring loaded accelerator and brake pedals provide a more realistic racing experience
  • 2.4G wireless RF version for option