Wireless Steering Wheel for PS3

Product Name: Wireless Steering Wheel for PS3

Product Model: PS3-V20

  • MODE button for setting on PS3 console
  • Compatible with all PS3 consoles, including U.S.A, Japan and European version
  • Analog input D-pad: UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT
  • Six analog buttons: X, ○, □, △; L1, R1;
  • Seven digital buttons: START, SELECT, L3, R3,R2,L2,MODE
  • Low voltage alert
  • Power save feature(sleep mode)
  • Sensitivity adjustment with three sections
  • Six programmable buttons: R-wing, L-wing, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, L3, R3;
  • Five big and durable cupules fixed firmly for easily operated;
  • Spring loaded accelerator & brake pedals and left-right swing for a more realistic experience.  
  • 2.4G wireless RF version for option